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Crossing Paths PAC Announces Campaign to Decriminalize Psychedelic Drugs in Columbia

Monday, July 15, 2019


Following the historic May municipal vote in Denver, Colorado, establishing psilocybin as a “lowest law enforcement priority”, the Crossing Paths Political Action Committee, a Missouri political action committee supporting drug policy reform/criminal justice reform initiatives and candidates, announces a municipal decriminalization campaign to decriminalize psychedelic drugs in Columbia, Missouri.

Natarajan Kumar, a Columbia resident and spokesman for Crossing Paths, said,“No one should be arrested or incarcerated simply for using or possessing psilocybin or any other non-violent drug offense. There is significant scientific scientific and public support for more rational approaches to drug use and abuse, and we point to Portugal’s policy of drug decriminalization as a successful example of this policy. Ultimately, we hope to encourage state and federal lawmakers to scale back these prohibitions and particularly end the mass criminalization of people who choose to use these drugs.”

“Psilocybin particularly is safe and has very promising therapeutic potential. Decriminalizing these natural substances makes sense and is long overdue”, said Mike Trapp, Second Ward Columbia City Councilman. 

“When used in a positive, therapeutic setting guided by licensed professionals, psychedelics have the capacity to assist individuals in resolving a number of deeply rooted traumas that are often associated with alcoholism, substance use, and depression. As a researcher exploring this emerging space it makes sense for us to end the use of law enforcement resources to continue criminalizing people for accessing these drugs. Columbia can be a leader in this area as it has been since 2003 when voters approved a lowest priority ordinance by initiative for marijuana,” said Madelyn Cooper, a senior psychology student at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

The Crossing Paths Political Action Committee supports pro-drug policy reform & criminal justice reform campaigns & candidates for elected office.

Press Contact: Natarajan Kumar, 801-913-8376,

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