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Crossing Paths PAC Endorses Tina Goodrick for Missouri House District 9

The Crossing Paths Political Action Committee is proud to endorse Tina Goodrick for the Republican primary in Missouri House District 9 for her principled stand on criminal justice and drug policy reform:

The Federal Government has tried and failed to solve the drug epidemic. Forty years and a trillion dollars later, we are no better off. Opioid addiction afflicts our communities, leading to death, crime, and poverty. Missourians rot away in prison for nonviolent offenses such as marijuana possession, many serving longer sentences than violent offenders, and face limited job prospects once released, often leading them back to a life of addiction and crime. The federal government has failed to solve the problem. Tina Goodrick believes it is time for the State of Missouri to invoke it’s tenth amendment right to handle its own affairs, and treat the drug epidemic as a public health problem rather than a criminal justice problem. Getting addicts the help they need, rather than just locking them up, will give them a second chance to make a better life for themselves, and greatly reduce crime in our communities.
-Tina Goodrick
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