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Legal Missouri 2022 Wants To Continue Incarcerating Marijuana Offenders And Other Terrible Ideas

Today Crossing Paths is releasing a short analysis of the criminal justice and expungement provisions in the Legal Missouri 2022 proposed recreational marijuana Constitutional amendment . The paper is titled "The Legal Missouri 2022 Proposal Treats Certain Marijuana Offenders Disparately" and is 4 pages long. Key points:

-The Legal Missouri 2022 proposal creates a Constitutional law enforcement mandate to cite people for smoking marijuana in unapproved public areas

-The Legal Missouri 2022 proposal creates the Constitutional offense of possessing more than 3 ounces of marijuana with potential misdemeanor charges possible if the quantity is under 6 ounces or felony charges if the quantity is more than 6 ounces

-The Legal Missouri 2022 proposal creates a Constitutional mandate that individuals incarcerated for marijuana felonies must serve out their sentence of incarceration, probation, and/or parole and cannot be released if their felony is a Class A, B, C, or D felony for more than 3 pounds of marijuana

-The Legal Missouri 2022 proposal would allow your Missouri Constitutional rights to own and possess a legal firearm to be stripped if you are in violation of their personal marijuana possession limit or are cited for smoking marijuana in public

The Legal Missouri 2022 campaign is being run by Jack Cardetti, a partner in QPS Holdings, which acquired at least 6 cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensary licenses for C3 Industries, a Michigan-based multi-state operator. The campaign is also being run by John Payne, whose Amendment 2 Consultants firm holds equity in marijuana licensees that they wrote successful applications for.

The Legal Missouri 2022 campaign has also been endorsed by:

-Mallory Rusch of Empower Missouri:"With marijuana already being legal for millions of Americans, it is completely nonsensical to continue to penalize and punish individuals for current or past use."

-Adolphus Pruitt of the St. Louis NAACP: "This initiative will address and be what we consider one of the largest single criminal justice reform efforts in the state's history."

One wonders what these "advocates" are getting paid to shill for these terrible ideas...

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