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Missouri State Representative Michael Davis Files Psychedelic "Right to Try" Access Bill

Yesterday, Missouri State Representative Michael Davis (R-Kansas City) filed House Bill 1176, which expands Missouri’s Right to Try statute to include Schedule 1 investigational drugs, with a focus on psychedelic drugs including psilocybin, MDMA, LSD, and ibogaine. Representative Davis said, “Many psychedelic drugs have decades of clinical research supporting their efficacy and safety profiles, yet the FDA has been slow to act to reschedule these drugs. My proposal protects the liberty interests of Missourians who believe these drugs offer valuable options in the treatment of numerous conditions, and, importantly, aligns Missouri law with federal law with respect to investigational drug access.”

Michael VanderWaal LMSW, a therapist specializing in psychedelic psychotherapy at KAP Kansas City, “This bill has the potential to provide hope to people suffering from life-threatening & debilitating conditions by providing breakthrough therapies including treatment-resistant depression, suicidal thoughts, traumatic disorders, and drug addiction.”

Dr. Zinia Thomas MD of Health City said, “With the rising rates of mental health issues during these unprecedented times, we need better treatments now! This bill provides access to these investigational drugs utilizing a strong clinical framework, allowing for continued research and use of psychedelic medicine for many issues.”

This effort is the second effort to expand Missouri's Right to Try statute to allow for access to previously prohibited drugs. In 2018, Missouri State Representative Dr. Jim Neely (R-Cameron) proposed legislation to allow for Right to Try access to medical marijuana without license caps. This legislation was approved by the Missouri House of Representatives 112-44, but did not pass the Missouri Senate.

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