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Missouri State Senate 2 - Prohibitionist Nick Schroer vs. Cannabis Freedom Supporter John Wiemann

In the election for Missouri State Senate District 2, which covers most of Saint Charles

the August Republican Primary election is between Missouri State Represenatives Nick Schroer and John Wiemann.

For us, the choice couldn't be clearer.

On March 31, 2022, on a hearing of House Bill 2704, the Cannabis Freedom Act, in the House Public Safety Committee, Representative Schroer added an amendment to prohibit transgender individuals from qualifying for a women & minority owned loan program for cannabis businesses. Following this, Rep. Schroer voted against HB 2704 and legalizing marijuana.

Tim Gilio, founder of the Missouri Marijuana Legalization Movement, wrote in an op-ed that "We do not take a position on transgender issues and see this scheme as designed to eat up valuable time on the legislative calendar as the session moves to its close in mid-May...Following the adoption of this amendment, Schroer voted no on the bill and left the hearing in the company of MoCannTrade lobbyist Robbins."

HB 2704 sponsor Ron Hicks commented that “He literally either was showboating and needed his sound bites in the committee or he was deliberately trying to kill that piece of legislation."

The next legislative action Rep. Schroer took was on May 11, 2022, during a debate on Senate Bill 908.

During this debate, Representative Jered Taylor offered an amendment ending the medical marijuana program license caps. Previously, Rep. Taylor had stated “There was corruption in the system...” of medical marijuana licensing. Rep. Taylor has also criticized the Legal Missouri 2022 campaign for its monopoly licensing provisions, saying “They will go to those who currently have licenses who are part of a corrupt system that has been created in the state.”

Representative Schroer then voted in opposition to ending license caps, indicating complete alignment with the corrupt Legal Missouri '22/MOCannTrade Agenda.

By contrast, John Wiemann was an early cosponsor and advocate for House Bill 2704. In our conversations with Rep. Wiemann, he told us that "Although I was not previously in support of legalization, I have heard the voices of my constituents and believe it is the right thing to do." Rep. Wiemann also told us he believed a legislative route on this issue was the appropriate pathway, citing Governor Parson's previous call on the Missouri General Assembly to take up the issue in a transparent and deliberative fashion.

For us, the choice in Missouri State Senate District 2 couldn't be clearer. Nick Schroer opposed marijuana legalization, opposed free market licensing, and did the bidding of Legal Missouri 2022 and MOCannTrade. For these reasons, we urge the citizens of St. Charles to vote against Nick Schroer in the August Republican primary.

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