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Oklahoma has 4900 Medical Marijuana Cultivation Licensees. Missouri? 35

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

The big news yesterday from the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services: some 35 entities have been approved for 60 medical marijuana cultivation licenses under the constitutional framework passed by the Amendment 2 campaign run by New Approach Missouri in 2018. To win a license, applicants had to pay a $10,000 filing fee per application and score in the top 60 applicants out of a pool of 554 total applicants, meaning roughly 89% of applicants were rejected.

The cap on licenses was created by the authors of the New Approach Missouri proposal, which specifies a minimum of 1 cultivation license per 100,000 citizens, and only allows the state to allocate more licenses if "the demand for medical marijuana by Qualifying Patients" is not met by existing supply -- a determination that will likely take the state at least a year to make.

By contrast, the state of Oklahoma has as of this November 4,931 cultivation licensees after passing State Question 788 in July of 2018 (Missouri's Amendment 2 was passed in November 2018). Oklahoma's business friendly medical marijuana program system is further nearing $300 million in sales in 2019, and is predicted to do some $700 million a year at maturity.


The Crossing Paths Political Action Committee supports candidates for Missouri elected office that support free market marijuana licensing and lowering the barriers to entry for entrepreneurs. To support this work, sign up for our email list and/or make a donation at

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Treasurer: Natarajan Kumar


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